Green Pumping

We have concrete pumps in our fleet which meet EURO 4 & EURO 5 emmission standards which means that there is significantly less pollution from our trucks entering the environment. These trucks are able to work inside semi-enclosed areas with no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.


This is not only great for the environment but also the workers onsite working in close proximity to the concrete pump. Occupational Health and Safety is paramount in today’s working environment and trucks which meet EURO 4 & EURO 5 emmission standards are leading the way in reducing the toxins into the air that we all breathe. 

Our Latest Recruit


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5 sections R form Boom;

X outrigger,easy and fast operation OSS function;

High performance SYMC control unit and fine definition SYLD display;

Automatic retraction of concrete piston,easy replacement and maintenance friendly;

Electro-hydraulic buffer,differential pressure induction,open loop hydraulic system,low operation temperature;less impact and high reliability.



Verticale Reach 43 m
Horizontal Reach 38.8 m
Reach Depth

27.0 m

Low Pressure Output 140 m3/h
High Pressure Output 100 m3/h
Low Pressure 8.3 MPa
High Pressure 12 MPa